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Health Benefits of Soursop

Soursop or Graviola is a mildly citrus and creamy fruit which belongs to the mulberry family. This fruit is widely produced and consumed in America.
It is usually eaten raw or juices and desserts are prepared from it. Soursop’s white pulp has a soothing scent which is used for flavoring in various ice-creams. Let’s have a look at the nutritional and health benefits of soursop.

Health Benefits of Soursop
Health Benefits of Soursop

Nutritional Benefits of Soursop

Soursop is a low energy fruit. It provides around 70 calories for 100 grams of its consumption. It is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibre. Vitamins like Vitamin-B and Vitamin-C are found in it. Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous and Sodium are the minerals present in it.

Soursop prevents Cancer

Soursop helps in decreasing the level of epidermal growth factor receptor and thus prevents the development of breast cancer cells.  It also contains acetogenins which are anti-carcinogenic compounds and aid in inhibiting nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide oxidase of cancer cell.

Soursop promotes Weight Loss

Soursop is very low in calories and provides loads of nutrients. It is loaded with dietary fibre and thus keeps a person sated. Overeating can be avoided by its consumption. Soursop leaves are used to prepare tea, which can be useful for weigh loss.

Soursop beneficial for Skin

Soursop is helpful in nourishing skin. It is rich in Vitamin-C which helps in removing toxins from the body and helps in providing supple and smooth skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce acne and boils. Because of soursop’s anti-bacterial properties, it can be applied on cuts and wounds too. This fruit is also rich in polyphenols, saponins and bioflavonoids, which are antioxidants. These antioxidants inhibit free radical damages and prevent early signs of aging, wrinkles and pigmentation. Eczema can be prevented by applying the leaves on the affected areas.

Soursop lowers Blood Pressure

Soursop contains a high amount of potassium. It helps in regulating blood circulation and thus lowers blood pressure. Hypertension can be reduced that occurs primarily due to high blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Soursop – Prevents Diabetes

Soursop is recommended to prevent diabetes. It is rich in phytochemicals known as acetogenins. These powerful phytochemicals can help in regulating the level of sugar in the body. Moreover, it is rich in dietary fibre which helps in slowing down the process of digestion in the body and helps in controlling glucose level.

Soursop reduces Asthma and Fever

Soursop has anti-pyretic and anti-parasitic properties. It is therefore helpful against fever, cough and cold. Tea prepared using its leaves can be consumed to increase immunity of the body.

Other Health Benefits Of Soursop

  • Soursop has anti-inflammatory properties and thus is helpful against swelling and arthritis. Joint and back pain can be reduced by its intake.
  • It is rich in phosphorous and calcium, thus helps in strengthening the bones. Chances of osteoporosis can be reduced by its intake.
  • Soursop is rich in a compound known as tryptophan. It helps in reducing anxiety and depression. It acts as a mood enhancer and can promote sound sleep.
  • Urinary tract infections can be prevented by its consumption due to its high water content. Its anti-bacterial properties can be helpful against diseases like gonorrhoea.

Graviola tree (Annona muricata), also known as soursop, is found in the Amazon jungle and some of the Caribbean islands. Graviola tree leaves have been used traditionally for their various therapeutic properties.
Many active compounds have been found in all parts of the plant - including the leaf, bark, root, stem, and seed.
Graviola is becoming increasing well known as a source of antioxidants called annonaceous acetogenins, which are found mainly in the leaf and seeds.
More recent scientific studies suggest that Acetogenins, the active constituents of Graviola, can support healthy cell growth and function.

In addition, Graviola has been used for its whole body calming effects and as a supplement to help maintain a positive mood.*

Traditional Preparation: 

The dosage is reported to be 2 g three times daily in capsules or tablets.
A standard infusion (one cup 3 times daily).
Perhe: Annonaceae, Suku: Annona, Laji: muricataSynonyymit: Annona macrocarpa, A. bonplandiana, A. cearensis, Guanabanus muricatus 

Yleiset nimet: Graviola, soursop, Brasilian Paw Paw, Guanabana, guanábano, guanavana, guanaba, Corossol épineux, huanaba, toge-banreisi, durian benggala, Nangka blanda, cachiman épineux
Osa Käytetyt: Leaves, hedelmät, siemenet, kuori, juuret.

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