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How to worsen diabetes: follow the worst of the ADA and CDA advice

  • Sorry, diabetes associations won’t help you heal
  • Unfortunately, listening to advice from the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) is not guaranteed to help you. In fact, it may harm you. 
  • Weight loss, 
  • Keto.
  • Intermittent fasting. 
  • The Obesity Code.
  • The Complete Guide to Fasting. 
  • The Diabetes Code.  

How to worsen diabetes: follow the worst of the ADA and CDA advice

September 23 2018 by  in DiabetesSugar/fructose

If you have a new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, or have been dealing with the condition for years, where’s a natural place you might go for support and information? Well, you’d think the national diabetes associations, right?

Unfortunately, listening to advice from the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) is not guaranteed to help you. In fact, it may harm you.

Let me explain.
First, here’s some simple incontrovertible facts on which just about nobody disagrees.
  • People with type 2 diabetes are often overweight and have a high blood glucose.
  • Refined grains (white flour) are among the worst foods in the world for raising blood glucose.
  • Eating sugar causes weight gain, and also raises blood glucose.
  • Neither refined grains nor sugar contains any nutrients of value.

Sugar and flour raise glucose, so don’t eat it, right?

Aha! So, the conclusion seems rather pedantic and logical. If eating flour and sugar raise blood glucose and my glucose is already too high, then I should eat less flour and sugar. Also, so self-evident that I hesitate to even point it out, if eating flour and sugar makes me gain weight, and I weigh too much already, then I should eat less. Super, super obvious, right? Well, not to the CDA and ADA who have been busy exhorting a generation with type 2 diabetes to eat MORE flour and sugar. 
Diabetes dessert

Cookies and cakes loaded with sugar and flour!

So, I’m in the public library, and I decide to check out what the CDA feels is a perfectly acceptable dessert – it’s Canada’s 150 Best Diabetes Desserts – from the CDA. I randomly look at a recipe – oh, look – Lemon Lime Cookies. Scanning through the ingredients, there are 3½ cups of highly refined white flour and 1¼ cups of sugar. This is one of Canada’s 150 Best Diabetes Desserts? This is the best advice from the Canadian Diabetes Association? All that sugar and flour is going to raise blood glucose more than 99% of other foods. How can this possibly qualify as one of the CDAs best desserts?
But what about the American Diabetes Association? So, I pick up a book from the ADA – Ah – here we go – Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy. Let’s see what they tell us about sugar and sweets.
Diabetes meal planning

Blood glucose not the reason to ax sugars and sweets??!

“People with diabetes no longer have to avoid sugar and sweets”!!?? Could this be serious? It is pretty obvious to most that eating sugar is NOT good for type 2 diabetes. Yet here is the ADA telling everybody who wants to listen that people with diabetes don’t need to avoid sugar. AND, they’ve been saying that since 1994! Eat more sugar – it’s good for you! Thanks, but no thanks ADA!
The big nutrients
Let’s see what else the ADA tells us. Oh, right – carbohydrates, which are chemically composed of chains of glucose, are our bodies’ preferred source of energy and people with diabetes should eat about 1/2 of their calories from carbs. Let’s think about this. In T2D, there is too much glucose in the blood, so we should preferentially choose foods that are composed primarily of glucose!!!?? And look here – it is OK to eat up to 25% added sugars in our diet! This is exactly what we should NOT be doing. Everyone, the ADA especially, should recognize that eating more sugar and grains will make blood glucose WORSE, not better.
The diabetes comfort food cookbook
Here’s more delicious recipes from the ADA. Oh, cheesecake, with graham crackers, stevia and sugar. Wow. Just wow. This is acceptable? This is what the ADA recommends?

Sorry, diabetes associations won’t help you heal

So, if you would really like to help yourself with regards to type 2 diabetes, then the first step is to question very carefully what the CDA and ADA are telling you.
I wonder why the ADA would give such seemingly backwards advice? Well, let’s take a look at their ‘Banting Circle Elite‘ group of supporters. A complete list includes – AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Janssen, Merck, Novo-Nordisk and Sanofi. The Canadian Diabetes Association receives lots of money from – Janssen, Abbott, Sanofi, Novo-Nordisk  and AstraZeneca. All drug companies that have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to make the most money possible, not to improve the health of type 2 diabetics! Lucky for them, not so lucky for you if you choose to listen to the diabetes associations. 
Tom Watson before and after
What’s the better solution? As I covered in my book, The Diabetes Code, it’s really very simple. Type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease. We’ve proven that over and over again, but you can prove it to yourself. If a friend is diagnosed with T2D, then proceeds to lose 50 pounds, what do you think happens to that T2D? It frequently disappears. Tom Watson, (above) deputy leader of Britain’s Labour party figured that out himself, and now is committed to tackling the disease throughout the UK, and indeed the world. But why did he need to figure this out himself, DESPITE the health care professionals, not BECAUSE of the health care professionals? If it is reversible, why do so few people reverse it by listening to the ADA? 
Starch structureLet’s put together some fun, incontrovertible facts:
  • In type 2 diabetes, blood glucose is too high
  • If you don’t eat (fasting), blood glucose will fall. Therefore you may need fewer (or no) medications to lower blood glucose.
  • If you continue with intermittent fasting, you will lose weight
  • As you lose weight, type 2 diabetes generally improves.
So, here’s a solution that is free, available to anybody in the world, that is 100% natural, and saves people time. Fasting is literally the oldest dietary intervention in the world, having been used for millennia.
Here’s the bottom line to take control of type 2 diabetes, which contributes to heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, amputations, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. This is a reversible dietary disease, so you need to use a dietary solution – one that happens to be free, available and simple (although not easy). You can cure this disease with KNOWLEDGE, not drugs!
Trust yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge. And reverse your disease.

How to do it – the video course

How to do it – the guides

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John Lennon vs. the Deep State: One Man Against the ‘Monster’

“You gotta remember, establishment, it’s just a name for evil.
The monster doesn’t care whether it kills all the students or whether there’s a revolution. It’s not thinking logically, it’s out of control.”—John Lennon (1969)

John Lennon vs. the Deep State: One Man Against the ‘Monster’

By John W. Whitehead

October 7, 2019 

John Lennon, born 79 years ago on October 9, 1940, was a musical genius and pop cultural icon.
He was also a vocal peace protester and anti-war activist and a high-profile example of the lengths to which the Deep State will go to persecute those who dare to challenge its authority.
Long before Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning were being castigated for blowing the whistle on the government’s war crimes and the National Security Agency’s abuse of its surveillance powers, it was Lennon who was being singled out for daring to speak truth to power about the government’s warmongering, his phone calls monitored and data files illegally collected on his activities and associations.
For a while, at least, Lennon became enemy number one in the eyes of the U.S. government.
Years after Lennon’s assassination it would be revealed that the FBI had collected 281 pages of files on him, including song lyrics. J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI at the time, directed the agency to spy on the musician. There were also various written orders calling on government agents to frame Lennon for a drug bust. “The FBI’s files on Lennon … read like the writings of a paranoid goody-two-shoes,” observed reporter Jonathan Curiel.
As the New York Times notes, “Critics of today’s domestic surveillance object largely on privacy grounds. They have focused far less on how easily government surveillance can become an instrument for the people in power to try to hold on to power. ‘The U.S. vs. John Lennon’ … is the story not only of one man being harassed, but of a democracy being undermined.”
Indeed, all of the many complaints we have about government today—surveillance, militarism, corruption, harassment, SWAT team raids, political persecution, spying, overcriminalization, etc.—were present in Lennon’s day and formed the basis of his call for social justice, peace and a populist revolution.
For all of these reasons, the U.S. government was obsessed with Lennon, who had learned early on that rock music could serve a political end by proclaiming a radical message. More importantly, Lennon saw that his music could mobilize the public and help to bring about change. Lennon believed in the power of the people. Unfortunately, as Lennon recognized: “The trouble with government as it is, is that it doesn’t represent the people. It controls them.”
However, as Martin Lewis writing for Time notes:
“John Lennon was not God. But he earned the love and admiration of his generation by creating a huge body of work that inspired and led. The appreciation for him deepened because he then instinctively decided to use his celebrity as a bully pulpit for causes greater than his own enrichment or self-aggrandizement.”
For instance, in December 1971 at a concert in Ann Arbor, Mich., Lennon took to the stage and in his usual confrontational style belted out “John Sinclair,” a song he had written about a man sentenced to 10 years in prison for possessing two marijuana cigarettes. Within days of Lennon’s call for action, the Michigan Supreme Court ordered Sinclair released.
What Lennon did not know at the time was that government officials had been keeping strict tabs on the ex-Beatle they referred to as “Mr. Lennon.” Incredibly, FBI agents were in the audience at the Ann Arbor concert, “taking notes on everything from the attendance (15,000) to the artistic merits of his new song.”
The U.S. government, steeped in paranoia, was spying on Lennon.
By March 1971, when his “Power to the People” single was released, it was clear where Lennon stood. Having moved to New York City that same year, Lennon was ready to participate in political activism against the U. S. government, the “monster” that was financing the war in Vietnam.
The release of Lennon’s Sometime in New York City album, which contained a radical anti-government message in virtually every song and depicted President Richard Nixon and Chinese Chairman Mao Tse-tung dancing together nude on the cover, only fanned the flames of the conflict to come.
The official U.S. war against Lennon began in earnest in 1972 after rumors surfaced that Lennon planned to embark on a U.S. concert tour that would combine rock music with antiwar organizing and voter registration. Nixon, fearing Lennon’s influence on about 11 million new voters (1972 was the first year that 18-year-olds could vote), had the ex-Beatle served with deportation orders “in an effort to silence him as a voice of the peace movement.”
Then again, the FBI has had a long history of persecuting, prosecuting and generally harassing activists, politicians, and cultural figures.
Most notably among the latter are such celebrated names as folk singer Pete Seeger, painter Pablo Picasso, comic actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin, comedian Lenny Bruce and poet Allen Ginsberg.
Among those most closely watched by the FBI was Martin Luther King Jr., a man labeled by the FBI as “the most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country.”
With wiretaps and electronic bugs planted in his home and office, King was kept under constant surveillance by the FBI with the aim of “neutralizing” him. He even received letters written by FBI agents suggesting that he either commit suicide or the details of his private life would be revealed to the public. The FBI kept up its pursuit of King until he was felled by a hollow-point bullet to the head in 1968.
While Lennon was not—as far as we know—being blackmailed into suicide, he was the subject of a four-year campaign of surveillance and harassment by the U.S. government (spearheaded by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover), an attempt by President Richard Nixon to have him “neutralized” and deported. As Adam Cohen of the New York Times points out,
“The F.B.I.’s surveillance of Lennon is a reminder of how easily domestic spying can become unmoored from any legitimate law enforcement purpose. What is more surprising, and ultimately more unsettling, is the degree to which the surveillance turns out to have been intertwined with electoral politics.”
As Lennon’s FBI file shows, memos and reports about the FBI’s surveillance of the anti-war activist had been flying back and forth between Hoover, the Nixon White House, various senators, the FBI and the U.S. Immigration Office.
Nixon’s pursuit of Lennon was relentless and in large part based on the misperception that Lennon and his comrades were planning to disrupt the 1972 Republican National Convention. The government’s paranoia, however, was misplaced.
Left-wing activists who were on government watch lists and who shared an interest in bringing down the Nixon Administration had been congregating at Lennon’s New York apartment. But when they revealed that they were planning to cause a riot, Lennon balked. As he recounted in a 1980 interview,
“We said, We ain’t buying this. We’re not going to draw children into a situation to create violence so you can overthrow what? And replace it with what? . . . It was all based on this illusion, that you can create violence and overthrow what is, and get communism or get some right-wing lunatic or a left-wing lunatic. They’re all lunatics.”
Despite the fact that Lennon was not part of the “lunatic” plot, the government persisted in its efforts to have him deported. Equally determined to resist, Lennon dug in and fought back. Every time he was ordered out of the country, his lawyers delayed the process by filing an appeal. Finally, in 1976, Lennon won the battle to stay in the country when he was granted a green card. As he said afterwards, “I have a love for this country…. This is where the action is. I think we’ll just go home, open a tea bag, and look at each other.”
Lennon’s time of repose didn’t last long, however. By 1980, he had re-emerged with a new album and plans to become politically active again.
The old radical was back and ready to cause trouble. In his final interview on Dec. 8, 1980, Lennon mused, “The whole map’s changed and we’re going into an unknown future, but we’re still all here, and while there’s life there’s hope.”
The Deep State has a way of dealing with troublemakers, unfortunately.
On Dec. 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman was waiting in the shadows when Lennon returned to his New York apartment building. As Lennon stepped outside the car to greet the fans congregating outside, Chapman, in an eerie echo of the FBI’s moniker for Lennon, called out, “Mr. Lennon!”
Lennon turned and was met with a barrage of gunfire as Chapman—dropping into a two-handed combat stance—emptied his .38-caliber pistol and pumped four hollow-point bullets into his back and left arm.
Lennon stumbled, staggered forward and, with blood pouring from his mouth and chest, collapsed to the ground.

John Lennon was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. He had finally been “neutralized.”
Yet where those who neutralized the likes of John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy and others go wrong is in believing that you can murder a movement with a bullet and a madman.
Thankfully, Lennon’s legacy lives on in his words, his music and his efforts to speak truth to power. As Yoko Ono shared in a 2014 letter to the parole board tasked with determining whether Chapman should be released:
“A man of humble origin, [John Lennon] brought light and hope to the whole world with his words and music. He tried to be a good power for the world, and he was. He gave encouragement, inspiration and dreams to people regardless of their race, creed and gender.”
Sadly, not much has changed for the better in the world since Lennon walked among us.
Peace remains out of reach. Activism and whistleblowers continue to be prosecuted for challenging the government’s authority. Militarism is on the rise, with local police dressed like the military, all the while the governmental war machine continues to wreak havoc on innocent lives across the globe. Just recently, for example, U.S. military forces carried out drone strikes in Afghanistan that killed 30 pine nut farmers.
For those of us who joined with John Lennon to imagine a world of peace, it’s getting harder to reconcile that dream with the reality of the American police state.
Meanwhile, as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, those who dare to speak up are labeled dissidents, troublemakers, terrorists, lunatics, or mentally ill and tagged for surveillance, censorship, involuntary detention or, worse, even shot and killed in their own homes by militarized police.
As Lennon shared in a 1968 interview:
“I think all our society is run by insane people for insane objectives… I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal means. If anybody can put on paper what our government and the American government and the Russian… Chinese… what they are actually trying to do, and what they think they’re doing, I’d be very pleased to know what they think they’re doing. I think they’re all insane. But I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”
So what’s the answer?
Lennon had a multitude of suggestions.
“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.”
“War is over if you want it.”
“Produce your own dream…. It’s quite possible to do anything, but not to put it on the leaders…. You have to do it yourself. That’s what the great masters and mistresses have been saying ever since time began. They can point the way, leave signposts and little instructions in various books that are now called holy and worshipped for the cover of the book and not for what it says, but the instructions are all there for all to see, have always been and always will be. There’s nothing new under the sun. All the roads lead to Rome. And people cannot provide it for you. I can’t wake you up. You can wake you up. I can’t cure you. You can cure you.”
“Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away.”
“If you want peace, you won’t get it with violence.”
And my favorite advice of all: “Say you want a revolution / We better get on right away / Well you get on your feet / And out on the street / Singing power to the people.”

“I think they’re all insane. But I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.  That’s what’s insane about it.” — John Lennon

VIDEO   :   3.14 mins

Bilal and Sumeyye Erdogan and their family biz with ISIS

  • LEAKED: The phone-tapped conversation where Erdogan got the family to hide money.
  • Erdokan family silently masterminds a deal that converts millions of barrels of Syrian Oil into revenue for ISIS.
  • Neo-Ottoman Empire fantasies

Bilal and Sumeyye Erdogan and their family biz with ISIS (incriminating pics + vids)

Who is helping ISIS get the funding required to survive?

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is not one to mince words. Just a day after the downing of the Su-24 jet, he said that Russia had “serious doubts this was an unintended incident and believe that it is planned provocation” by Turkey. 

The emergency of photos of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s son – Bilal Erdogan – being chummy with ISIS terrorists were accompanied by implications that the shooting of the plan had been “undertaken with a specific objective”, specifically illegal trade with the terrorist infrastructure.

Beyond the contrary stands of the allied members who fight it and condone it at the ssame time, ISIS has lasted so long due to the middlemen who fund it. One name keeps popping up as the man who brings ISIS oil to regional and European markets – Necmettin Bilal Erdogan, the current Turkish President’s third son who was born on April 23, 1980.

In 1999, he graduated from Kartal Imam Hatip High School and headed to the United States where he earned a Masters Degree in John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2004. He interned at the World Bank for a while and returned to Turkey in 2006 as one of three equal shareholders of the marine transportation corporation known as BMZ Group Denizcilik.

His ships are now in Syria, often implicated in the smuggling of illegal Iraqi and Islamic State oil through to the western supply chain. In Turkey, father-son ties are extremely important and even more so if you are an Islamist president who silently masterminds a deal that converts millions of barrels of Syrian Oil into revenue for ISIS.

By feeding ISIS and keeping it alive, Erdogan also keeps his so-called “Neo-Ottoman Empire fantasies” on the burner.

And it’s not just the Russians that are implicating Erdogan. In October 2014, US Vice President Joe Biden told a Harvard gathering that Erdogan was backing ISIS with “hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons.”

He apologized later for permission to use Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base for air strikes against ISIS in Syria.

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi who said the following on Friday: “All of the oil was delivered to a company that belongs to the son of Recep [Tayyip] Erdogan.

This is why Turkey became anxious when Russia began delivering airstrikes against the IS infrastructure and destroyed more than 500 trucks with oil already. This really got on Erdogan and his company’s nerves. They’re importing not only oil, but wheat and historic artefacts as well.”

Iraq’s former National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie posted the following to his Facebook page on Saturday, November 28: “First and foremost, the Turks help the militants sell stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil for $20 a barrel, which is half the market price.”
Meanwhile, Bilal Erdogan now owns several maritime companies and special wharfs in Beirut and Ceyhan, while he has reportedly signed numerous contracts to take stolen oil to different Asian countries. Business is doing well for Bilal.
President Erdogan is a beaming dad who claims that international transportation conventions say that there is no legal infraction concerning Bilal’s illicit activities even though his son is up to the neck in complicity with terrorism though daddy will always protect him from judicial prosecution.

In fact, it isn’t just Bilal either, as the business has numerous close relatives involved with BMZ shares. A nurse implicated Bilal’s sister, Sumeyye Erdogan – daughter of the Turkish President – for running a secret hospital camp inside Turkey where Turkish army trucks bring wounded ISIS Jihadists for a quick patch-up job before being sent to Jihad with Syria.

The nurse apparently worked there before it was discovered that she belonged to the same Alawite branch of Islam that the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad belongs to.
According to Global Research, the London-educated Sumeyye’s name has been linked to ISIS in the past as well. She has faced severe criticism on more than one occasion for announcing that she wanted to travel to Mosul to aide the local residents under ISIS rule.

LEAKED: The phone-tapped conversation where Erdogan got the family to hide money:

Dec 17, 2013 08:02 a.m.
RTE: Are you home son?
Bilal E(son): Yes father
RTE:  Now! This morning [they] made an operation. Ali Agaoglu, Reza Zerrab, Erdogan’s [Bayraktar-ex minister] son, Zafer’s [Caglayan – ex-minister] son, Muammer’s [Guler – ex-minister] son, etc.. All their houses are being searched now.
BE: Tell again, daddy
RTE: I’m saying that Muammer’s son, Zafer’s son, Erdogan’s son, Ali Agaoglu, Reza Zerrab etc they are searching the houses of 18 people under a big corruption operation thing.
BE: yes
RTE: OK? Now, what I say is, you take everything that you have in the house out. OK?
BE: What can I have on me dad! There is your money in the safe
RTE: That’s what I am saying. Now, I am sending your sister. OK?
BE: You are sending who?
RTE: Your sister, I’m saying.
BE: Eh, OK
RTE: Then,… She has that information, OK. Talk with your big brother
BE: Yes
RTE: On him,,, Let’s do…, talk with your uncle too, he should also take out, also talk to your  [maternal] uncle, he should also…
BE: What should we do with these daddy, where should we put them?
RTE: To specific places, to some specific places… do it
(A woman’s voice on background saying “Berat”)
BE: Berat also has some
RTE: That’s what I am saying. Now, get together, go get your uncle, I don’t know if Uncle Ziya has some, OK? Also immediately [inform] your brother Burak too.
NE: OK father. You mean Sumeyye, I mean take out, Sumeyye will tell me where to take them?
RTE: Yes, fine. C’mon now, do [it] think about yours among yourselves with your uncle, etc
NE: on what to do?
RTE: Yes, yes, let’s contact fast, until 10.00. Because the issue is…
NE: OK father
RTE: OK? Keep in touch
NE: OK daddy
2nd call 11.17
NE: Father, We got together with Brother Hasan etc. Brother Berat, my uncle, we are together, thinking about it. Berat has another idea. He says that let’s give some of it to Faruk [Kalyoncu] for the other “business/thing” so he can process them like the previous ones. Shall we do it, we can solve a big amount with this.
RTE: That may be
NE: OK. For the other part, because we started a business partnership with Mehmet Gur, we thought of giving it to him saying “keep it, as the projects come you can use from that. This way, we will be able to dissolve and move the rest to somewhere else.
RTE: OK, fine, as long as you do…
RTE: Did Sumeyye arrive?
NE: She arrived home, she’ll now come here. OK daddy, we will sort this out today, inshallah (with God’s permission). Anything else?
RTE: It would be good if you do… If you can dissolve them all.
BE: Yes, we will dissolve them all, inshallah
3rd call 15.39
RTE: Did you do the other tasks I gave you?
BE: We will finish them in the evening. We sorted some out; We sorted the Berat part, now we will first handle the part with Mehmet Gur and the rest, we will do that when it gets dark.
BE: Inshallah
RTE: What did Sumeyye do?
BE: She took them out, brought, we talked, etc.
RTE: Did she sort both sides?
BE: I think so daddy, she said she emptied both.
RTE: Both sides
BE: Yes, she said both of them, but you mean this by saying both sides, right?
RTE: Whatever. OK, fine
BE: What time will you arrive?
RTE: About 12
BE: Have a safe journey
RTE: Do not talk on the phone
4th call 23.15
BE: Hi daddy, I am calling to… we did [it] mostly. Eee, did you call me daddy?
RTE: No I did not, you called me
BE: I was called from a secret number
RTE: By saying mostly, did you fully dissolve it
BE: We did not zeroized it yet daddy. Let me explain.. We still have a 30 million euros that we could not yet dissolve. Berat thought of something.. There was an additional 25 million dollars that Ahmet Calik should receive. They say let’s give this [to him] there. When the money comes, we do [something], they say. And with the remaining money we can buy a flat from Sehrizar, he says. What do you say, father?
RTE: ….
(background soun: Ayyy)
BE: Daddy
RTE: Is Sumeyye with you?
BE: Yes with me, should I call her?
RTE: No, there was another sound, that’s why I asked
BE: Umm.. I mean, he can transfer 35 million dollars to Calik and buy a flat from Sherizar with the remaining.
RTE: Whatever, we will sort it
BE: Should we do it like this?
RTE: OK do it
BE: Do you want them all dissolved father, or do you want some money for yourself
RTE: No, it cannot stay, son. You could transfer that to the other, with Mehmet you could transfer it there…
BE: Yes, we gave to them. We gave 20 to them
RTE: For God’s sake, first you should’ve transferred you could then do…
BE: we were able to give this much for now, it is hard already, it takes too much space. We are putting some of it to another place, we gave part of it to Tunc, and then…
RTE: did you transfer all to Tunc?
BE: (Sumeyye, can you come) Where, father?
RTE: To Tunc, I say, did you transfer all to Tunc?
BE: They asked, I guess he said that he could take 10 million euros.
RTE: Whatever. Do not talk this like this on this.
BE: OK, then, we will sort it as such
RTE: Ok do it. I am not able to come tonight, I will stay in Ankara
BE:OK, we are sorting it out. You do not worry
5th call
RTE. I wondered if everything is fine, so I called
BE: No, nothing. We finished the tasks you gave us, with the help of the God
RTE: Is it all zeroed?
BE: Fully, I mean saying zeroed, how should I put it? I had Samandira and Maltepe’s money, 730.000 USD and 300.000 TL. I will handle these too. We owe 1 million TL to Faruk İsik (AKP MP); I will give those to him and tell him to transfer the rest to the academy.
RTE: Do not talk openly
BE: Should’t I talk?
RTE: Do not talk, OK?
BE: OK daddy
RTE: I mean, do not keep anything on you, whatever it is Samandira or whatever… Send it to where it needs to be, where do you keep it?
BE: OK daddy, but I think currently we are under surveillance
RTE: What have I been telling to you since the very beginning!
BE: But is it the bodyguard team? Who is following us father?
RTE: Son, you are being tapped
BE: But they are also visually monitoring, they say
RTE: That may be true. Now, we did some things (meaning intervention) in Istanbul security.
Warning: Graphic images