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7 Benefits of Soursop That You Must Know

The benefits of soursop is very good for prevention and treatment of various diseases

Do you know the soursop fruit? - For some people must have been familiar with this fruit.
But sometimes there are still many who don’t realize the benefits of soursop fruit. 

The taste is a unique make this fruit a very tasty to created a juice, for that reason, they are only know soursop as a fruit that is very good to be created a juice and eaten immediately.

  Basically the benefits of soursop fruit is so much, but the ignorance of society will this just make them know if soursop is fruit delicious to be created a juice. 

Not only the fruit is beneficial, currently many studies mention the health benefits of soursop leaves is capable for killing cancer cells

Nutritional content of soursop fruit. USDA Monograph Aside from knowing the benefits of soursop fruit, would be better if we know the nutritional content it has, The following is the nutritional content every 100 grams of soursop.

Energy 65 kal, Protein 1 gram, Fat 0.3 gram, Carbohydrates 16.3 gram, Calcium 14 mg, Phosphorus 27 mg, iron 0.6 mg, Vitamin A 10 SI, Vitamin B1 0.07 mg, Vitamin C 20 mg, Fiber 3.3 gram, Water 81.7 gram

Health benefits of soursop fruit
At first some people just thinking if these fruit is only ordinary fruit which was less popular than apples, grapes and various other fruits. They’re Not know the benefits of soursop fruit, moreover these fruit is very powerful as a natural cancer cell killer.
The benefits of soursop is very good for prevention and treatment of various diseases. The following are some of the health benefits of soursop fruit.  

  1. The first of benefits of soursop fruit is as an antioxidant. The content of vitamin c in this fruit reached 20 mg every 100 grams. Antioxidants have a function as an antidote to free radicals and also increases stamina.
  2. The second benefits of soursop is able to inhibit the risk of osteoporosis. The content of phosphorus and calcium are sufficiently high is beneficial to prevent the disease
  3. The fiber content in soursop fruit, able to expedite the digestive process of our body.
  4. Soursop fruit contains a carbohydrates that are needed to provide energy for the body. Deficiency of carbohydrates can cause someone’s feel a weakly and not spirit.
  5. The next of benefits of Soursop that is able to expedite the metabolism, improving blood circulation, optimizes cognitive activity and brain function, prevent the occurrence of nerve damage, recover central nervous disorders and restore the peripheral nerve. This benefit is derived from the content of Vitamin B1, amounting to 0.07 mg.
  6. One of the benefits of soursop are able to attract attention to researchers is to control blood sugar levels. This type of research to prove efficacy as antidiabetic is quite variable so that its mechanism of action are slowly beginning to be revealed.
  7. Consuming 100 g of soursop fruit flesh can meet 13 percent of daily fiber needs. Soursop is a fruit that is rich in phytochemical compounds, so it can be ensured that the fruit is very much beneficial for health. It’s phytochemical compounds are ensured to having benefits for health, although not yet all scientifically proven. A variety of benefits of soursop for therapy among others treatment of gallstones, anti-constipation, gout, and improving appetite. In addition, the fiber content also serves to facilitate digestion, primarily for the treatment of constipation (hard bowel movements).

Now that we know some of the benefits of soursop in above, and soursop should be our choice. Besides a fruit that is very useful, all parts of the soursop tree also has tremendous benefits. One of them such as soursop leaves, at the recent is so much research that says soursop leaves are very useful as a cancer cell killer. 

Where You can find a soursop?  - Graviola Shop

This is one of the benefits of soursop,
You can easily find it and cultivate it to be used as medicine. The soursop can you find in some supermarkets or traditional markets.
But it would be better if you can plant it at home, so that You can get the benefits of soursop with the optimally. 

And would be better if you try to plant it now, besides easily for planting this fruit can be used as a valuable asset for you. If today you not need the benefits of of soursop, maybe you can help someone else who need it. Is very noble right? 

How to consume soursop?
A simple way to consume and feel the benefits of soursop fruit is by smoothing the fruits that have been peeled, seeded and filtered with the addition of a little water. Screening results can then be directly consumed by the addition of a little honey to relieve a little sour.
The addition of sugar and honey is not recommended in patients with diabetes, therefore must try to like the original flavor of soursop fruit. For people who have stomach upset, recommended to fill the stomach beforehand to prevent the disease.
As a note: Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended to consume soursop leaf decoction, but eating sufficient soursop fruit is allowed.
This is the real benefits of soursop, fruit which was originally only considered usual but this time is extraordinary. Is not wrong if you start trying or even to consume them frequently.
Historic Perspectives on Annonaceous Acetogenins from the Chemical Bench to Preclinical Trials



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