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GcMAF: The Latest Discovery in Natural Cancer Treatments

Reversing not only cancer, but autism, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, HIV and other chronic illnesses.
Gc proteins, which are naturally present in the human body, are used by the body and combined with unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. oleic acid) and vitamin D3 to create GcMAF proteins.

Vitamin D-binding protein, also known as gc-globulin (group-specific component), is a protein that in humans is encoded by the GC gene.

gcf, natural remedy for cancer, autism, image

An Italian molecular biologist, Marco Ruggiero, has invented a new 'drug', which is showing very promising results (according to WDDTY magazine, 1) in reversing not only cancer, but autism, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, HIV and other chronic illnesses as well, 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' (WDDTY) magazine reports.

The 'drug', however, is entirely natural and is composed of a special protein molecule combined with an unsaturated fatty acid (oleic acid) and vitamin D. The resulting complex molecule, GcMAF, needs enzymes produced by probiotic bacteria to be activated. The full treatment protocol, entitled the 'Swiss Protocol', includes a non-inflammatory diet (paleo-ketogenic diet), a special blend of probiotics, other supplements and amino acids. The protocol is offered to patients so far by Immuno Biotech in Switzerland and Germany. (Source: WDDTY)

The beauty of this treatment is that it's based on strengthening the body's immune system.
A special blend of probiotics, equal or similar to the blend in human colostrum (mother's first milk), create enzymes, which then activate the GcMAF super-protein molecule, 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' magazine writes.

Gc proteins, which are naturally present in the human body, are used by the body and combined with unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. oleic acid) and vitamin D3 to create GcMAF proteins. Vitamin D-binding protein, also known as gc-globulin (group-specific component), is a protein that in humans is encoded by the GC gene.

Vitamin D-binding protein belongs to the albumin gene family, together with human serum albumin and alpha-fetoprotein. It is a multifunctional protein found in plasma, ascitic fluidcerebrospinal fluid and on the surface of many cell types. It binds to vitamin D and its plasma metabolites and transports them to target tissues.[3] As Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor it is a Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF) that has been tested for use as a cancer treatment that would activate macrophages against cancer cells.

Group-specific component (Gc) proteins bind vitamin D and 25-hydroxyvitamin D.

Again, this is a natural process that happens in the human body, provided that the process is not hindered by lack of proper bacteria balance in the gut, the presence of substances that damage Gc proteins, or the lack of vitamin D3 and/or unsaturated fatty acids.

The GcMAF protein then boosts the immune system, and enables macrophages (white blood cells) to do their job properly, i.e. to clean up cancer cells, attack tumors by making their surrounding cells excrete nitric oxide gas, eliminate viruses, etc. (Source: What Doctors Don't Tell You)

What is most intriguing about this discovery, in my opinion, is that it provides further evidence and information on why many claimed natural cancer remedies may work.
 If cancer, viruses and many other chronic illnesses can be overcome naturally by the body when the immune system is working at optimal capacity, then research into topics, such as vitamin C mega-dosing, Bob Beck protocol (including blood electrification), ozone therapies and other methods which also claim to work by maximising the efficiency of the immune system (while being cheaper than GcMAF) becomes increasingly important and fascinating.

The Medlab magazine reports that GcMAF is likely to be the most potent immunotherapeutic tool in the fight against cancer, as well as autism, chronic fatigue syndrome and other neurological conditions. They say that GcMAF rebuilds a depressed immune system, and attribute this discovery to Dr. Yamamoto. (2)

Ruggiero discovered that the GcMAF molecule could not operate without binding to oleic acid. This was the missing link that more than 1000 researchers had been looking for, he states. (WDDTY)

What Doctors Don't Tell You magazine explains that Ruggiero, echoing many well-known researchers in the field, was frustrated by the focus of AIDS research, which was on the virus, rather than on its environment. Many were convinced that a person only became susceptible to the virus if the immune system was weakened, and that toxic living made a person susceptible to the virus. (WDDTY)

"The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything." - Louis Pasteur
The body's natural protein, GcMAF, increases energy production at the mitochondrial level, rebuilds a depressed immune system, activates white blood cells, increases neuronal (brain cell) connectivity and has also recently been shown to eradicate depression. (2)
Medlab magazine highlights that the GcMAF treatment must be coupled with changes in diet and lifestyle. "Daily vitamin D3, removing sugar and carbohydrates from the diet, decreasing stress, exercise, eating meat and fish are all essential components to beating cancer." (2)
Cancer and virus particles make nagalase, an 'evil enzyme' that blocks the production of GcMAF and thus causes immunodeficiency, the online 'GcMAF Book', written by Dr. Timothy J. Smith, explains. (3)
gcf, natural treatment for cancer, autism, kidney disease, image

Professor Ruggiero developed some new diagnosis tools as well, which help immensely with the detection and treatment of both cancer and autism. Ultrasonography can be used to accurately locate and measure tumors so that GcMAF can be placed directly on the tumor, the Medlab magazine says. Transcranial ultrasonography can be used to detect, measure and classify autism in children as young as three months old.

For the first time in autism history, autism spectrum disorder can be diagnosed in babies. This will allow specialists to intervene from an early age to avoid or revert the onset of autism. (2)

In addition, nagalase blood tests can be used to determine whether someone is at an increased risk of cancer. (3)
GcMAF with oleic acid (GOleic) can be injected near a tumor, given as a suppository to bypass the stomach for liver cancer or delivered via a nebulizer spray for lung cancer. Even transcranial ultrasound has been used for brain cancer to puncture a 'hole' in the blood-brain barrier so as to allow the delivery of GcMAF 'supermolecule' directly into the tumor. The product can also be taken as drops under the tongue, in enemas, applied as ointment and used as mouthwash, What Doctor's Don't Tell You magazine explains (1)
On the website, a home protocol for a cancer with tumors is provided, as follows (direct quote):
  1. "For stage one, a standard dose of 0.25ml GOleic twice a week, for stage 2 three doses a week, late stage 4 up to a full 1ml a day. The more the better. 2ml a day has been taken without side effects."
  2. "10,000 iu of vitamin D a day"
  3. "Eat white meat, fish and vegetables"
  4. "No sugar or carbohydrates (so no cereals or bread etc) which feed cancer"
  5. "If your weight drops below your perfect weight for your height, take Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) from a vitamin shop, or better, Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) from Dr Reinwald Healthcare."
Read the more detailed instructions by going to the referenced website. also recommends for people to avoid the four main causes of cancer: too much sugar, lack of vitamin D3, poor nutrition lacking in amino acids and trace metals, lack of oxygen and exercise and severe shock stress. reports and provides evidence that their method can eradicate or treat chronic inflammationautismviral infections, chronic acnelyme's disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME, chronic fatigue syndrome), Crohn's disase, fibromyalgia, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic kidney disease, wound healing, chronic herpes, hepatitis, osteoporosis, periodontal disease, psoriasis, allergies, dementiaParkinson'smultiple sclerosis,autoimmune disorderslupusarthritiscancer and metastases.
The Conscious Evolution Media (CEM) website provides links to a TV series Dr. Marco Ruggiero did on the New Health Conversation TV.
For further information refer to, and as well as to the source article, below. The GcMAF website provides links to scientific research papers. Saisei Mirai Clinics in Japan also offer GcMAF treatments - - and possibly other collaborating clinics do as well elsewhere in the world. There is also a "GcMAF" Facebook group.
The images are published with consent from
Published with consent from 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' magazine.


(1) What Doctor's Don't Tell You (WDDTY): November 2014: "GcMAF, Superhero?"
(2) Medlab Magazine: "The Blood Protein with Multiple Benefits"
(3) The GcMAF Book by Dr. Timothy J. Smith
- See more at:

Lets save the cancer world together research paper by research paper and test by test. Some cutting edge papers. I should be asleep, but this is just too important!

Lest we forget. This is used for War service memorials,  I use it for my friends who have bravely fought and are at peace. The tragedy of cancer is that the fatalities are due to friendly fire from our very own oncologists. One day when the totals are added up, the number of dead will be horrific, only surpassed by the profits of greedy companies. That's why cimetidine is not in the standard of care for colorectal cancer, too many lives to be potentially saved and obscene profits lost. Thats the truth the way I see it.

The devil I referred to in yesterdays blog is one of the authors of this paper. I note some signficant clinical successes with colorectal cancer. If you are interested in the evolution of these cancer treatments just goto pubmed and search for HAMLET and CANCER.

This blog is largely supportive of GCMAF and the Clinic despite my lack of success with Goleic OA GcMAF and thecompanies failings, as with cancer time is friend and enemy. You decide, I am jsut sharing my experience, I feel its of particular relevance to anyone interested in an integrative immune response. Oh and the dietary therapy is crap, they tell you to go google low carb, aim at 65% protein and give you some crapped low carb nibblies. No guidance at all about fat, carb, protein ratios in common foods, no explanation about the science of ketosis and why the diets essential. I have written about these many times over the years. They did not measure my weight, or my friends at the beginning or end of the clinic visit. Just lots of little details that I think would add what I call clinical rigour to whats been claimed, but that might take effort and get in the way of sales.


Proteins highly represented in milk such as α-lactalbumin and lactoferrin bind Oleic Acid (OA) to form
complexes with selective anti-tumor activity. A protein present in milk, colostrum and blood, vitamin D
binding protein is the precursor of a potent Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) and in analogy with other OA-protein complexes, we proposed that OA-GcMAF could demonstrate a greater
immunotherapeutic activity than that of GcMAF alone. We describe a preliminary experience treating
patients with advanced cancers, often labelled as “incurable” with an integrative immunotherapy centred on OA-GcMAF. Patients with advanced cancer were treated at the Immuno Biotech Treatment Centre with OA-GcMAF-based integrative immunotherapy in combination with a very low carbohydrate, high protein diet, fermented milk products containing naturally produced GcMAF, vitamin D3 and low-dose acetylsalicylic acid. When the primary tumor or a metastasis could be measured by ultrasonographic techniques, we observed, on average, a decrease of tumor volume of approximately 25% in a week. We also observed a consistent increase in splenic blood flow that was interpreted in the context of generalised immune system activation and allowed to assess the degree of responsiveness of the individual patient. The results reported here are consistent with the results previously described in the experimental animal harbouring a human hepatocellular carcinoma as well as with the results reported for neoadjuvant chemotherapy. OA-protein complexes are bound to play a leading role in cancer therapy thanks toselectivity of antitumoral effects, absence of any side effects, safety and oral availability. We hypothesise that OA-GcMAF, combines the known anticancer
effects OA-protein complexes with the well established immune stimulating effects of GcMAF.

If you follow the blog, you will know about my lack of response at the GCMAF Clinic, calling it a clinic from my experience is a disservice to most cancer clinics, but alas they have a service and product that works. That if you on the edge of existence then you need to try before you die. I have seen it work in many, some close friends. I have also seen a few have no responses, unfortunately myself.   I am seeking answers for the no response in my various investigations, I have some promising leads.

I could write a book about whats wrong with the clinic and how to improve it, and I probably will, but in the short term Prof Ruggiero is a genius and a Doctor with skill and integrity who I have no hesitation in recommending. The company however has much room for improvement, despite the short comings I have no regrets about attempting Goleic therapy. If you read yesterdays blogs about GCMAFFD, well it turns out I am supposed to be a good immune responder to GCMAF. So I suspect its my off labels or supplements, but its more likely a cross infection. Icurrentl;y have clostridia infection and LPS in my blood and am going to start antibiotics. Before you goto to the clinic, well I would do a full holistic work over, and clear up every aspect of your biology, so that you to can enjoy an uninhibited immune response and watch your tumours disappear. Thats the dream of all cancer patients. Then again what stage 4 has time for that, just go and hope before the clinic puts up its prices or is shut down.

The pricing is still cheaper than more expensive clinics that offer less, I tried them first, on my way back to my German therapies. The german therapies have worked incredibily well, and their was no response at the GCMAF clinic for me or my friend. I suspect the averages are a bit dodgy and dont include complete non responders, not even mentioned, gives the impressive there were not any. Hello I was one and so was my friend. thats 100% no tumour reduction out of the only two people I know. This type of paper is more written as a marketing piece than a serious piece of science. The foundations of GCMAF I fully support, its just the ethics of the company I have issues with and misrepresenting the numbers. 

I was just the unlucky patient who turned up and deliberately tried to commit suicide on their coach, or so they implied, as if I wanted to be a non responder. After the week and they had the money, they said it was my supplements that stopped Goleic, they never even asked or were interested what those supplements were. Many areas for improvement in the clinic as I said, but if your desperate, just go! I am glad I tried and I have learnt so much from Prof Ruggiero, truly a mind enhancing experience. Greed is the root of all evil and it may bring Immunobiotech undone one day, GCMAF is to important to risk at this point in its development to one company. Thats why its so many players are entering this market. I wrote a few days ago about the probiotic yogurt, I have been on GCMAF probiotic yogurt for 18 months, just google bravo and order it. Alas more money in the devils pockets, but the yogurt works. Why you need to pay so much, for ingredients that cost less than a dollar to make. Well thats just opportunitistic greed that our world is based on, it seems scientists are like business men they need fast cars as well, they drive those cars while we die! I have handed the dispute to the credit card system and the banks and I am interested to see their decision. Am I fair and reasonable? I can accept the umpires decision? the gcmaffed blog, it a good read enjoy.

One day I will deliver equivalent formulas for a bravo style probiotic yogurt, alas until that day, its the best option that costs 600 euro for 3 months supply.

The road to clinical use of high-intensity focused ultrasound for liver cancer: technical and clinical consensus
Clinical use of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) under ultrasound or MR guidance as a non-invasive method for treating tumors is rapidly increasing. Tens of thousands of patients have been treated for uterine fibroid, benign prostate hyperplasia, bone metastases, or prostate cancer. Despite the methods' clinical potential, the liver is a particularly challenging organ for HIFU treatment due to the combined effect of respiratory-induced liver motion, partial blocking by the rib cage, and high perfusion/flow. Several technical and clinical solutions have been developed by various groups during the past 15 years to compensate for these problems. A review of current unmet clinical needs is given here, as well as a consensus from a panel of experts about technical and clinical requirements for upcoming pilot and pivotal studies in order to accelerate the development and adoption of focused ultrasound for the treatment of primary and secondary liver cancer.

Some nice support at colonchat

Germany excellence in science, medicine and innovation and legislation.Its the best chance we have got, I have got!

As soon as I am cancer free, I will earn the language.

Immunotherapy Hope, what country ? oh and where am i ?
he tiny U.S. biotech received a special "hospital exemption" in Germany, allowing Northwest to sell the injectable drug for five years even though it has not completed its late-stage trial of the immunotherapy.

Before one million Americans come flying to Germany to save their lives the USA health will be compelled to innovate or be relinquished to thescape heap and to be forever judged a failure. Nothing succeeds like success. The desire to survive is so strong, I am seeing it all over the colorectal internet forums. some more thoughts about the gcmaf clinic, not positive, but still just go, but disregard there supplement and diet advice, it naive being kind or deadly if i am serious.there advice may improve as they have pulled the guarantee from there website for the clinic, or are in the process.

Just checked, guarantee gone as of 17th march 2014, it was not worth the paper its written on, on the web equivalent. Still GCMAF works, its worth a try!

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