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Citizens In Dallas Are REFUSING to Vaccinate Their Kids

Citizens In Dallas Are REFUSING to Vaccinate Their Kids

According to the Denton County Immunization Partnership, vaccine exemption rates have increased by 78%, parents are making other choices. And in neighboring Tarrant County, there have been more than 4,000 exemptions filed in the past year and a half. All this, as you can imagine, is making the Immunization Partnership of DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) nervous enough to call an emergency meeting in the hopes of preventing the vaccination rates from further dropping.

Anna Dragsbaek, President of The Immunization Partnership, wants to hear from these parents so they can “effectively advocate on behalf of positive policy change and education efforts here in Texas”, which actually means- try and threaten/guilt people into changing their minds.
The bigger issue is that people ARE educated, both about their choice to NOT vaccinate and what vaccinations are. And that is a heavy blow to the vaccine industry. Both the counties listed are prominent regions in the DFW area, represent a combined 2.5 million in population, have 27 school districts between them, vote Republican, and are considered to hold family values high. They are also highly educated and wealthy.
Normally the media like to paint people who refuse to vaccinate as uneducated idiots but that’s not the case here and should that happen, feathers will fly. Guaranteed. Texans are are not afraid of media and government intimidation acts. We are so glad to finally see communities in America rise up against forced medical procedures. Of any kind.
Texans have a long history of not being told what to do, including when it comes to vaccination legislation. Watch the following video with Texas (R) Senator Donna Campbell, MD., speaking at a Senate Committee meeting fighting against forced vaccination.
There’s a reason they say, “Don’t mess with Texas”. Ha!

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