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Chemtrail Illnesses

Chemtrails likely the largest cause of disease today.

People are reporting illnesses associated with chemtrail spraying in countries around the globe. Unexplained deaths of animals and plant life are occurring as well.
This page provides you with an overview of the illnesses that are being experienced. It also contains information that you won't hear in mainstream media.
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Symptoms Associated with Chemtrails

They are called "The Big 4". They are the 4 most common serious illnesses associated with chemtrails:
  • Aneurysms - Components of chemtrails are believed to block arteries and weaken arterial walls leading to aneurysms and eventually to deadly strokes.
  • Strokes - Nano-particle aluminum builds up in capllaries causing blockages eventually leading to aneyrysms and strokes.
  • Heart Attacks - Barium dramatically lowers potassium in mammals leading to heart fibrillations and heart attacks. In fact, barium is used in animal testing to artificially induce heart attacks.
  • Cancer - Most of the components of chemtrails suppress the immune system. When the immune system is suppressed for extended periods, cancer grows and thrives.
By no means are these the only illnesses associated with chemtrails. Following are a number of other common symptoms that people report on a daily basis:
These symptoms are being experienced by a rapidly-growing number of people around the world. They are commonly associated with the appearance of chemtrails.
Most of these symptoms are commonly associated with mercury poisoning. A few other items are associated with aluminum and barium toxicity.
View a comprehensive list of ailments and solutions caused by geoengineering.

Not Experiencing Symptoms?

The toxins that make up chemtrails often have health effects that are cumulative, so if you are not affected by the spraying now, you may be affected in the near future.
It's important to think about children. Just as most symptoms of mercury poisoning do not generally appear until mercury reaches a certain level in the body, chemtrail toxicity appears to work exactly the same way.
We have spoken to many people having symptoms that increased over time as they were exposed to chemtrail spraying. This cumulative effect is all the more reason to get involved in stopping the spraying even if you're not experiencing symptoms right now.

Animals and the Environment

Chemtrails appear to be having a dramatic effect not only on humans, but on animal health and on the environment. For example:
This list is by no means exhaustive. We have more animal-related chemtrail anomalies listed here.
Numerous other environmental anomalies are also occurring and we believe we know what is causing this harm, but we need to test our hypothesis and then publish our results. Finally, legal action needs to be taken to put an end to chemical spraying and to punish those who are responsible.

Our Purpose

Many are reporting health issues and environmental damage associated with chemical/chemtrail spraying activity. For this reason, we believe chemtrails are the most important issue of our time.
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Together, we must put an end to chemtrails and chemical spraying.

These images show clear indications that an aerosol is being injected into the bypass air of these engines. These plumes are clearly divided as they exit the engines.

This photo points out the clear demarcation that remains from bypass air injectors.


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