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Elevated nagalase -enzyme found in most cancer patients, could GcMAF be the cure?

Elevated enzyme found in most cancer patients, could GcMAF be the cure?


GcMAF (Gc Macrophage Activating Factor) is a natural protein that all healthy people naturally have inside of them. It is an immune system modulator that works by stimulating the activity of
macrophages – the “big eaters” of our immune system.

But, a negative influence on GcMAF is nagalase – an extracellular matrix-degrading enzyme that is secreted by cancerous cells in the process of tumor invasion.
When nagalase levels are elevated, it affects the levels of GcMAF – potentially disrupting the activation of macrophages that protect us from disease.
Since viruses and diseased cells release negalase, people who have a higher level of nagalase, will ineffectively deal with immune system invaders. Children with learning disorders to cancer patients typically have elevated nagalase levels – sometimes by as much as three times the normal level.
Researchers and practitioners have demonstrated that GcMAF can reverse diseases that attack the immune system such as: chronic inflammation, bacterial and viral infections, chronic herpes, chronic acne, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia osteoporosis, Hodgkin’s, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s and remarkably – autism.

Can we test for nagalase levels in the body?

Since we know that viruses release negalase – people who have a higher level of negalase will have a compromised immune system. A nagalase blood test can determine if GcMAF could be of value and also to assess the impact the GcMAF has on the immune system. Typically, if the number of nagalase in the blood is elevated, this means that GcMAF is needed to temporarily assist the immune system . Nagalase levels can be cut in half every eight weeks while on GcMAF.
Blood testing will occur every few weeks to gauge the impact of GcMAF and to potentially adjust dosage.

What are the improvements with GcMAF?

A clinical study out of Italy on 94 children with autism showed that 83 of them made considerable progress while on GcMAF. The most common reported improvements involve:
• Cognitive abilities including attention and focus, learning and understanding, receptiveness and awareness of the environment and both receptive and expressive language gains.
• Social Skills including willingness to interact and communicate with peers.
• Behavior including less hyperactivity, less stereotypical behaviors and improved cooperation and compliance.
In another study of 1500 children with autism, 85% had high levels of viruses and a compromised immune system. All 1500 received weekly GcMAF injections and 70% of the children responded to the treatment with reduced symptoms and another 15% made full recoveries. The other 15% did not respond.
It was stated that the reduction of autistic symptoms is permanent provided that GcMAF has been taken long enough for the body to produce its own GcMAF which typically takes 24 weeks.
Immunotherapy has become an attractive new strategy in the treatment of cancer and scientists are working hard to determine the effectiveness of GcMAF therapy for cancer patients.
You may be wondering – are there any negative side effects? Side effects seem to be minimal and can include a low grade fever or an initial aggravation of some of the symptoms, such as anger and aggression which wears off after two to three weeks. Many children show no side effects.

The value of vitamin D, proper nutrition and GcMAF

Vitamin D is needed to have the GcMAF work at its full potential. Some testing has shown that GcMAF works 2 ½ times faster in the presence of vitamin D.
A healthy diet that is full of lean meats and vegetables is advised during this treatment. Sugar should be avoided as well as most carbs. Following a ‘caveman’ diet brings the best results. Naturally, when it comes to any medical condition, always consult a trusted healthcare professional.

Where is GcMAF available?

Health practitioners around the globe are using GcMAF for a variety of conditions including autism. At Healing 4 Soul, GcMAF is part of the healing protocol we make available for patients. GcMAF injections can occur with a nurse at our office or the injections can be mailed out for use.
About the author: 
Sima Ash of Healing 4 Soul is a clinical and classical homeopath and certified clinical nutritionist who utilizes a unique approach pioneered by Tinus Smits, M.D. called CEASE therapy. The aim of CEASE treatment is systematic detoxification of the causes of illness, leading to step by step improvement and restoration of health in the individual. For additional information, please visit – You can follow Sima on Facebook at ‘Cease Therapy California’ and through her weekly blog on
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Autism is Eradicated in 15% of Cases with GcMAF in a trial of 1,500 Children

Over the last two years, four doctors led by Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet have eradicated autism using GcMAF in 15% of children and improved 70%. Another 15% did not respond.
St Peter Port, Guernsey (April 3, 2013) — Yesterday, April 2, was World Autism Awareness Day. Over the last two years, four doctors led by Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet have eradicated autism using GcMAF in 15% of children and improved 70%. Another 15% did not respond.
GcMAF is a vital part of the human immune system that does not function without it. However, many viruses attempt to prevent production of the body’s own GcMAF. If successful, this collapses the immune system, resulting in the infections growing unchecked. Immuno Biotech extracts and isolates GcMAF molecules that can then be injected to restore the body’s level of GcMAF to normal so that it can fight infections naturally. The quality of Immuno Biotech’s GcMAF and their exhaustive testing has made it the World’s leading supplier and the provider of choice for doctors and scientists with the company being cited in eleven research papers to date.
David Noakes, Immuno Biotech’s CEO, explained, “Dr Bradstreet used the nagalase and other tests to prove that 85% of autistic children had high levels of viruses and a compromised immune system. He did a study of 1500 autistic children and gave them weekly injections of our GcMAF. 70% of the children responded to the treatment with reduced symptoms, and an another 15% made full recoveries. Further trials around the world are coming up with identical results. The reduction of autistic symptoms is permanent provided that GcMAF has been taken for long enough for the body to start to produce its own GcMAF at normal levels, typically 24 weeks, but first results are usually seen inside 8 weeks.”
Dr. Jeff Bradstreet MD is an internationally recognized researcher in autism ( and will be presenting his latest finding on the effects of GcMAF on autism at the world’s first GcMAF conference, which will be held on the 19th, 20th and 21st of April in Frankfurt, Germany. Presentations by leading scientists and doctors from around the world will report on their exceptional results with case histories. Details can be found at Currently there are over 60 research papers on GcMAF by 142 eminent scientists with new peer-reviewed papers being added at an increasing rate from university teams and doctors from dozens of countries. Many of the independent research papers on GcMAF are listed on
A weekly injection of a tiny clear drop restores the level of GcMAF to normal, effectively one millionth of a blood transfusion. That enables the body’s own immune system to fight the disease, with the only occasional side effects being mild, cold-like symptoms as the immune system wakes up. The time it takes to fight the infection and return to producing normal levels of its own GcMAF depends on the severity of the infection or cancer. An eight week course costs €660 including shipping so a typical 24 week course costs under €2000. Immuno Biotech has supplied 4,000 patients through 300 doctors in 30 nations.


GcMAF report on 94 Autistic Children

(83 are now showing significant signs of improvement)

 In the last six months I've collected reports from 94 families that have tried GcMAF with their children affected by autism, and the results seem very encouraging.
The age of children ranges from 3 to 15 years old (except one who was 21). 83 of them reported significant improvements, 7 did not notice any change, while 4 showed side effects.
Using the of vial 2,2 ml (100 ng/0,25 ml), they started to inject 0,01-0,02 ml (1-2 units of a insulin syringe 0,5 ml) and increasing every week by 1 unit until reaching a dosage of 8-25 units, depending on body weight and the individual response of each child.
Parents noticed the first improvements from just the first 2-3 weeks after treatment, and they continued to increase the dosage to the point where they did not notice further improvements and/or started to see some side effects such as hyperactivity, or defiant and negative behaviours.
We also observe there is not any specific correlation between weight and dosage; this means that children who weigh 20 kg could tolerate dosage up to 15-18 units; and boys who weigh more than 45 kg could show satisfactory improvements on a dosage not more than 7-8 units.
Some of the parents who noticed side effects with higher dosages tried, sometimes successfully, to keep up a maximum dosage if it could be tolerated, or if provoking only mild side effects for 2-3 weeks, and then tried again to increase it. In this way, they were able to control and avoid side effects and gain better improvements. This is reasonable, because those symptoms could be just the effect of the activation of the immune system. Then, once a new balance of the immune system is achieved, it could be possible to proceed to a further step up in activation.

What improvements did parents report?

The most common reported improvements concern cognitive abilities: attention and focus, learning and understanding, receptiveness and awareness of the environment and people around them, in addition receptive language (understanding new and complex sentences from parents and adults) and expressive language (ability to pronounce the first words, or increase the number of known words, or improve imitation, language and speech fluency), social skills (willing to interact and communicate with peers).
Finally, they also reported improvements in behaviour: less hyperactive, less stereotypical, more cooperative and compliant.
The 4 children who had side effects showed hyperactivity, increase of stimming, agitation and aggressiveness, even with low dosage, which completely disappeared after discontinuing GcMAF.
It's interesting to notice that the children that already show aberrant behaviour can improve the same behaviour that seems to get worse in the children that show side effects.
Case 1:
M. 6 yo, male, 30 kg. Dx of Autism. 15 units/week of GcMAF. 12 weeks of treatment.
More attentive and receptive. Increase in verbal imitation and appropriate spontaneous use of words, increase the vocabulary of words correctly used (from 2-3 words to 40 words). Better pronunciation and articulation of words. Increasing dosage showed rare episodes of aggression.
Case 2.
R. 6 yo, 20kg, Dx of PPD of Autism Spectrum, 10 units/week of GcMAF for 20 weeks.
Much more cooperative and obedient, receptive, language now completely fluent, learning strongly improved. Aggression and negative behaviour completely disappeared.
Case 3.
C. 15 yo, male 46 kg. Dx of Autism with OCD. 18 units in 24 weeks of treatment.
Significant reduction of obsessive-compulsive behaviour (nothing could be moved in room, or he could react with severe tantrums). Aggression completely disappeared.
Case 4
P. 7 aa, 25 kg, Dx of Autism. 17 units/week of GcMAF for 16 weeks of treatments.
Hyperactivity completely disappeared, increased focus and attention, increased cognitive function and learning, and able to follow the curricular subjects like his peers. Better pronunciation and articulation of words and sentences. More respectful of rules at school and at home.
Case 5
F. 21 yo, 103 kg, Dx of Autism. 10 units/week of GcMAF, 10 weeks of treatment.
Severe awakening with loud screams and aggression lessened significantly until he awoke without agitation and aggression. Impulsive and aggression during the day completely disappeared. These improvements allowed the parents to discontinue psychotropic medications that he had been taking for many years.
NB: This report is not a prescription or a medical recommendation and I strongly invite you to ask your doctor about GcMAF or any medical treatment for Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. 1st June 2012

Dr Nicola Antonucci

MD from University of Bari, Italy in July 2000. Specialized in the same University in Psichiatry in January 2005. During the School of Specialization he was member of research of "Gruppo di Neuroscienze Psichiatriche" and worked on NeuroImaging Field using functional MRI and Spectroscopy applied in patients affected by schizofrenia-.
Since October 2006, when his daughter was diagnosed ASD, he started to work with Biomedical Treatment of ASDs using the knowledge of Autism Research Institute – San Diego (CA). He followed medical training for several months at the "The Rimland Centre – Lynchburg (VA)" under the mentoring of Dr E. Mumper. He is still attending annual scientific meeting and training of Autism Research Institute.
He is now director of the "Biomedical Centre for Autism Research and Treatment" in Bari - Italy and working in several towns of Italy, as well as in several Countries exclusively with children affected by ASDs. In 2010, in collaboration with Dr. Dario Siniscalco, Second University of Naples, he founded a research group to study molecular and cellular changes in ASDs. This group is conducting several research trials and has already published some works on international peer-reviewed journals in the field of Autism.

Dr. Dario Siniscalco

ChemD from University of Naples "Federico II", Italy in March 2000. PhD in Pharmacological Sciences from Second University if Naples, Italy in December 2004. He completed his neuropathology fellowship at University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA before joining the Second University of Naples staff in 2006. He is registered member of the following scientific societies: Order of the Chemists of Campania, National Council for Chemistry, Stem Cell Research Italy, European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences, Italian Pharmacological Society and Cell Death Research Group - University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. His field of research is concerning the use of human mesenchymal stem cells as therapeutic tool in neurodegeneration. He is author or co-author of 35 scientific peer-reviewed papers, 5 book chapters and presented his work to 80 national and international conferences. In 2010, with Dr. Nicola Antonucci, he founded a research group specifically dedicated to study molecular and cellular changes in ASDs. This group is conducting several research trials and has already published some works on international peer-reviewed journals in the field of Autism.

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Dr Bradstreet has full Autism recoveries with our GcMAF. See "Participants experiences"

It is our immune system that prevents and destroys disease

The first research was done in 1990 by Dr Yamamoto in Philadelphia; and since then 46 research papers have been published by over 100 scientists indicating that GcMAF rebuilds the immune system, and the immune system then eradicates early stage cancer and other diseases.
How does GcMAF work?
In a healthy person your GcMAF acts as a "director" of your immune system, and also instructs macrophages in your bloodstream to kill malignancies. But viruses and malignant cells like cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that neutralises your GcMAF; so the macrophages never get the message to go into action – in this way diseases become chronic by suppressing the immune system, and cancer cells grow unchecked.
To reverse this, we extract and purify GcMAF, and it is one dose a week for typically 24 weeks for many diseases and early cancers, a year for later stage cancers. Our GcMAF has had over 270 independent laboratory tests.
One week's GcMAF looks like a small raindrop. Its perfectly sterile, and a most ethical course for doctors.
We are a main supplier for research universities, and 105 cancer clinics and doctors.
In its role of immune system regulator, research shows GcMAF can reverse diseases that attack the immune system like chronic inflamation, bacterial and viral infections, Autism, Chronic Herpes, Chronic Acne, CFS, XMRV, Lyme disease, AIDS, HIV, Fibromyalgia (all of which we've had success with ourselves), osteoporosis, Hodgkin’s, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s,  and various types of Immune dysfunction.
Small pre-clinical trials to build the case are again taking place.
Our GcMAF destroying human cancer cells for 72 hours. At 100ng/ml, panel D, cells show an irregular shape and size. They are significantly smaller as if processes of shrinkage had occurred. Cells appear inhomogeneous and both cytoplasm and nucleus appear irregular as if fragmented. Numerous cellular debris can be observed as well as apoptotic bodies. Clusters are much fewer in number and their borders appear less defined.
Clinics, doctors and those diagnosed with any of these illnesses, and who have done their own research on it,  are invited to respond. We ask for a copy of diagnostic information and update reports from a physician during and after treatments, to help build the case that GcMAF is effective for various illnesses, which will help to make it available to the public. Participants are free to stop at any time, and we can recommend a Doctor if required.
What have we learned?
The many scientists who have published papers on trials of GcMAF selected those in the early stages of cancer and HIV, and reported nearly 100 percent success, with no recurrence after many years. They did not attempt trials on people with large tumours.
Our trials are quite different: many people are over 50, some over 80, with advanced or terminal cancers, with significant tumour mass.
Our GcMAF appears to be successful at rebuilding the immune system in around three weeks in the vast majority - probably over 80%. And in most of those nagalase comes down at the rate of 10-40% every 8 weeks.
You should give your immune system a further four weeks for chronic herpes/acne. Allow 24 weeks plus for: Autism (85% respond),  CFS, HIV, XMRV, Lyme (15% respond, most appear to have the VDR gene blocked and the viruses conceal themselves with biofilms) and stage 1 to 2 cancer, (80% respond). Late stage cancer, perhaps 20% responders, takes a year to 18 months.
The more minor the disease, the easier it is for GcMAF and your immune system to eradicate. GcMAF needs normal levels of vitamin D to function strongly.  But even in low responders, GcMAF usually appears to stop the advance of cancer.
We have probably proved GcMAF can work for people up to age 90, with terminal stage 4 cancer, and can destroy large tumour mass. See "Patients on GcMAF" on the left.
If you have your blood taken for monocyte counts, relevant markers and vitamin D levels, and again for a nagalase test at the beginning, you should see on your next test after three weeks that your immune system is back to full strength, and after 8 weeks significantly falling nagalase will indicate the disease is losing its grip. Don't stop the GcMAF until your nagalase gets below 0.62, when it loses the ability to prevent your body producing your own GcMAF, and then you no longer need ours.
Autism children can improve at five weeks with substantial improvements at 8 weeks. See "Participants experiences" on the left.  But everyone is different.
But the beauty of using your own immune system to attack disease or cancer is that it remembers how to defeat it for the rest of your life: it doesn't come back. And unlike chemotherapy, the side effects are trivial.
The only way you can tell if GcMAF is genuine and active is to test with living cells in a laboratory.

We put live macrophages cells and MCF7 breast cancer cells together; nothing happens. Then we add GcMAF; in 72 hours the macrophages eat all the MCF7 cancer cells. We then put only GcMAF and MCF7 together, and the GcMAF turns the cancer cells back into healthy cells. See "Tests of our GcMAF" on the left.


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